Get Payd - A new neo bank by Svea

Payd is here to revolutionize the way young people manage their money, by giving them an app that works with them, making them feel good, relaxed, one step ahead, and on top of their game.

Svea Ekonomi
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The Challenge

Money management shouldn’t have to be complicated and boring. Young people today deserve a better way of handling their finances, a way that’s tailor-made to suit their lifestyle and that enriches their everyday. With that in mind, Nicknamed, a part of Svea Ekonomi started to create a new neo bank for the younger audience in Sweden. Our mission was to create a mobile bank app that works like a friend who’s good with money. It’s personal, approachable, simple, and says the right thing at the right time. In the project I worked with solutions within fintech where the end user and the user journey were the main focus. During the project I worked in cross-functional teams and worked closely with developers and stakeholders. In the project, apps were created, where the user could manage his personal finances, which meant, among other things, being able to make transfers, payments and have an overview of financial services such as loans.

Role description

The project included understanding the requirements, designing and delivering a high quality experience. I worked on analyzing the product requirements that existed and designed the user interface from scratch, creating prototypes that conveyed design solutions and interactions to other teams and product owners. I iterated on the user interface to improve the usability.

I was responsible for conducting several usability tests to evaluate the design solutions that were developed, but also to identify and address design problems. These tests were done in smaller groups but also during larger workshops. I also worked on analyzing

Tools used

Sketch, photoshop, illustrator, Invision, UXpin, Zeplin, Abstract,, flinto

The Onboarding Process

The onboarding process for new customers in the banking app needed an improvement. A large part of My role was to design the app's onboarding process to upgrade the user experience and reduce bounce rates.
The goal was to design an appealing User Experience and simplify the process for new customers who apply to open a bank account.
I worked to improve, simplify and rephrase the questions in their KYC form. I also developed new user feeds to redesign the feed and implement a new onboarding. Per worked closely with product owners and UX-Designers as well as copywriters to bring in the company's tonality, and the legal department to ensure that legal requirements were met.

Flowchart after we rearranged the KYC questions

The outcome of the onboarding process

The Design System - To create a coherent design experience throughout the banking app, a Design System was implemented. The goal of the Design System was to reuse design components instead of creating new ones for each implementation. Pers's assignment was to together with lead UX-Designer develop a design system in sketch containing e.g. style guide and a library of all components and symbols.