Janusmed, Region Stockholm

Janusmed / Region Stockholm Janusmed is primarily responsible for society's publicly funded health care. Janusmed interactions controls whether two drugs interact with each other, ie whether there is a risk that one drug may increase or decrease the effect of another. Janusmed risk profile complements Janusmed interactions by checking for the risk of certain common or potentially serious side effects due to the enhanced effects of concomitant treatment with several medicinal products with similar pharmacological properties.

Janusmed / Region Stockholm
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The Challenge

Our goal was to create a case study to see if there was a public demand to be able to find out for themselves whether two or more different drugs interact with each other. Through user tests, surveys and workshops, we obtained a needful data and insights for what is required within such a service. We also made suggestions on how such a service would work. We created personas that we used as a starting point, created wireframes and did a functional mockup where we let users test the service.